Are you looking for someone to help you design and create your dream home? I may be able to help you.
My niche is to stimulate a sensory experience through my design approach: an exploration of Feng Shui, color, forms, materials and reconnecting
people with nature (biophilia) which is complemented by solid design decisions to create mindful homes for my clients.
When you hire me as your designer my focus is to create a home that matches your expectations, that you love and that resonates with you on
different levels - from the practical design decisions we will make, how you are going to use space, and most importantly, how it sings to your
heart and nourishes you with feelings of pride of ownership and sense of belonging.
If you’re looking for a design experience based on trust and openness, which will leave you with a deeper connection to your home,
give me a call and let’s start the journey together.
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