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London: +44 (0) 7990 90 8888
San Francisco: +1 415 283 8373


Liza Evans is an interior designer practicing in the UK, US and EU. She is recognized as one of the “20 Best Interior Designers in Britain” by The Telegraph newspaper.

Liza travels extensively and commutes between design studios in London and San Francisco, and a home in the Haute-Savoie region of France. Her exposure to varied cultures and lifestyles around the world has inspired and influenced her design aesthetic. Traces of transatlantic and European styles are clearly visible in her taste and way of life, translating to work that is current, on trend and international.

Liza’s unique talent is to seamlessly blend modern and traditional interiors with the principles of Eastern simplicity: utilizing colour, light, sumptuous textures and luxurious finishes to create fabulous interiors for her clients. Liza is down to earth which complements her practical, problem solving approach and creative talent.

Liza grew up in London’s Notting Hill at the time that Terrance Conran was becoming a household name. She was inspired and her lifelong interest in design and beautiful interiors was born. Liza is a graduate of London’s KLC School of Design.

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