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Lesley & Chris Garland - San Francisco
We never thought we would hire an interior designer. But then came a last minute, long distance move, downsizing from a 2,100 square foot home in the suburbs to a 1,475 square foot apartment in an urban high rise -- with a two year old in tow. Liza helped us pick colors and furniture, found painters and contractors, and helped us stay on a budget. We loved what she did so much we used her again this past year when we bought another home. This time she helped us take a dark, cold space and turn it warm and bright. Liza isn't just a designer. She's with you from start to finish (including helping unpack boxes!) and follows up after the job is done. We're grateful for her counsel and friendship!

Marcia Cantor Grable - London
Liza is a principled professional in every sense of the word – she is fantastic at engagement, listening, understanding, protecting your budget, seeking the best outcomes whilst balancing your budget and wishes.  She is 100% client centric – blessed with an abundance of common sense and rigorous project management skills.  She has a keen eye for detail and watches out for the quality of work completed.  She prevents problems from arising...and, she does this in a firm and respectful manner.  I would use her again without reservation.  I couldn’t be more delighted by the quality, outcome and whole experience working with her.

Roman Speron, Regional Manager at Crescent Heights, San Francisco
Liza’s unique design perspective brings an effortless elegance and warmth that resonates for potential clients. They can see the benefit of putting energy and resources into an apartment simply because they’re happier in the space. Rented or owned, ‘home’ is where you          retreat from the world so Liza’s design style has had very wide appeal.

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